Here, you’ll find links to our Sermons, Bulletins and other documentation that you may find helpful.  Whether missing a service or wanting to learn more about our Church.

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Our sermon library is a treasure trove of timeless wisdom, where the Word of God comes alive.


Access our library of bulletins from previous services below.   In each of our bulletins, we include the prayers, songs, and scriptures for the service.  Also included may be guest speakers or special announcements.

Church bulletin
FPCO resources


From heartfelt devotionals to exciting event highlights, these newsletters chronicle our journey together. Whether you’re a longtime member or a curious newcomer, these pages hold the echoes of shared stories, faith, and fellowship.

Other Resources

This area contains other documentation, some of which you may find in the lobby area of our church. These documents are all screened for content and public viewing. They may however reference more detailed documents available only to church members.

Church bulletin